Inter Departments Project Expo on Hardware Based Projects held on 1st June 2023

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Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering

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Gokaraju Rangaraju Educational Society Proudly launching Gokaraju Lailavathi Womens Engineering CollegeAffiliated to Osmania University ( TSEAMCET Code:GLWC)

GRIET NIRF Ranking - 148

Department of Computer Science and Business Systems

Technology is growing very fast and there is a need of being up to date with different on demand new technologies and also develop an equal appreciation of humanities, management sciences and human values. GRIET is always in fore front in introducing latest and trending programs to the engineering students and has now introduced industry relevant a new 4 year regular undergraduate - Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree programme in “Computer Science and Business System” (CSBS) with sanctioned intake of 60 from the academic year 2020-2021 in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., (TCS), Raveline Street, Fort, Mumbai. CSBS programme aims to enhance the relevance of the computer Science programme in India to meet the future demands of the IT industry whose landscape is rapidly changing in the era of Business 4.0. The programme curriculum has been developed with the support of a multinational corporation (MNC) is TCS. The programme curriculum of CSBS aims to ensure that the students graduating from the program not only know the core topics of Computer Science but also develop an equal appreciation of business management, humanities and human values. The programme along with an exposure to exciting cutting edge technologies such as Software Design, Analytics, Modern Web Applications, Machine Learning, Cloud, Micro services & Application, Quantum Computation & Quantum Information, Internet of Things, Design Thinking and also offers a reorientation to life skills and personality development, leadership and entrepreneurial skills with an innovative teaching learning methodology.

GRIET works with and provides consultancy to the Government as well as Industry. Through its many R & D centres, and the Seminars.
GRIET invites motivated and research- focused faculty with an outstanding academic background, and potential to excel in research.
GRIET works with and provides consultancy to the Government as well as Industry. Through its many R & D centres, and the Seminars
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